Les traductions de Céole

Fragile or fickle

Take care of love, lil' butterfly

Said a loving voice to him

The dear voice of his childhood

Which was just a vague memory

In his crazy memory

Then the funnel lies in wait

Like a vice in life

It absorbs young birds

Imprisons their colors

Until they haven't any flavor

Far from forests and blueberries' fragrance

It plunges their soul into darkness

That's a beverage adored by hornets

Who feel the end approaching

The fickle and colored butterfly

Doesn't take care

But some meetings are prisons

Their poison is in abundance

Every pretext is good

To eat butterflies

The smaller it is, the cuter it is

And the bigger the temptation

Smart, but it's soft and cuddly

Circumstances are to them a net

In whom they draw crossed lines

My grandmother's voice

Somewhere... Somewhere else

Reminds me that we keep the best

Buried at the bottom of our heart

By Nora

Your footsteps

There have been mornings

There have been nights

There have been renewal moments

And glimmers of hope


I've been crafting your foosteps

Waiting for the morning

Casting out all the sadness

That was wandering in myself


Footsteps that we're waiting for

Footsteps from an incoming hour

Blinded by love

In the dawn


Tour footsteps' morning

Morning of hope

It is a story

That can't be written

By Ciremya

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robert f. | Réponse 09.08.2013 20:26

How beautiful and touching ! Many, many thanks !

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08.08 | 15:12

je viens de terminer la lecture de votre roman intitulé Au Commencement.
'ai aimé son côté roman d'aventure et je pense qu'on pourrait en faire un film.

10.12 | 18:59

Bien le site, et à quand une rubrique pour musiciens à la recherche de contrats ou de matos. Bise

30.06 | 23:50

yres belle phrase les artistes sont le reflet de notre ETRE

09.02 | 16:02

chaton fait au pastel galerie et objets divers et tournage bois......

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